Mind, the Murderer of Souls

Can what many in the modern thinking age consider to be their best friend in fact be their worst enemy?

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The Benefit of being Multilingual and going Beyond Mind

Have you ever noticed how inconsistent our minds are? Here’s how being multilingual might make it easier to capture the culprit.

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How To Clear the Mind

Many of us are often plagued by thoughts that spontaneously pop into our heads. Either it keeps us from sleeping, concentrating, meditating, or it keeps us from focusing on something that we feel is important.

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Spirituality and Being Alone

Lone wolf or snuggled sardine, which is better for attaining enlightenment?

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The Truth About the Truth

What is Truth? And what’s it got to do with you?

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Welcome To Path of Truth!

Path of Truth, or PoT for short, is a place where the spontaneous utterances of consciousness are reflected back onto itself where needed to help everyone remain light and fresh. Here, the intricacies of life and mind are broken down to their utmost simplicity to help those who are burdened by heavy identities on their path toward Enlightenment.

The Truth About Motivation

The Truth About Motivation

Modern times make it exceedingly difficult to decipher between what you want to do and what society wants to mold you into. Here we take a brief look at what motivates people and where happiness is derived from.

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