The Truth About Problems

In a world full of problems, there must be an optimal way to deal with these little buggers.

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The Illusion of “Me”

An illusion, is an experience that is not which it seems. Illusions occur within the mind, but nowhere else. We all are experiencing, or have experienced a sense of self. Illusions are spontaneous events generated inside the brain, and while we may think that these events are actual entities, they are not what they seem.

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The Present Moment and the One Who Watches

Hey, where did Yesterday go? Is that Tomorrow I hear?

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Mind, the Murderer of Souls

Can what many in the modern thinking age consider to be their best friend in fact be their worst enemy?

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What does an Enlightened Person Look Like?

Does an enlightened face make for a good selfie?

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Welcome To Path of Truth!

Path of Truth, or PoT for short, is a place where the spontaneous utterances of consciousness are reflected back onto itself where needed to help everyone remain light and fresh. Here, the intricacies of life and mind are broken down to their utmost simplicity to help those who are burdened by heavy identities on their path toward Enlightenment.

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